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University Queer Research and LGBTI+ Solidarity Association (UniKuir NGO)

Ankara, Turkey
Joined July 2022

UniKuir was established in 2020 in Ankara.It fights against discrimination, violence and hatred in the LGBTI+ field at universities; aims to establish free and safe spaces for all university students.

Presence in: Turkey
Focus: LGBTQI+ Rights

ÜniKuir fights against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in all fields, especially in universities and related fields with young LGBTI+s. ÜniKuir monitors discrimination against LGBTI+’s and aims to establish safe spaces where LGBTI+ phobia and discrimination are not present. To achieve the mentioned goals, ÜniKuir supports young LGBTI+ activists and student groups to strengthen LGBTI+ activism in universities. It prepares content such as news, articles and interviews about young and university LGBTI+s on its website. It works with young people on the right to political participation and strives to increase the use of participation mechanisms. It highlights the demands of LGBTI+s for decision-making institutions. It conveys the agenda of LGBTI+s to national and international institutions.

UniKuir works in 4 programs. These are access to equal rights, media and communication, organization and solidarity, and political engagement and advocacy.

People Associated With This Organization

Mahmut Şeren

University Queer Research and LGBTI+...
Joined July 2022
Interests: Children's Rights, Criminal Justice, LGBTQI+ Rights
I was born in 1995 in Antakya, Turkey. Since 2014, I have worked voluntarily or professionally in various rights-based non-governmental organizations, especially in the field of LGBTI+ rights. I have been involved in legal consultancy, strategic litigation, campaigning, advocacy, monitoring and reporting activities in this field. At the same time, I work in the field of criminal justice and children's rights within the body of Izmir Bar Association and non-governmental organizations. I am the coordinator of the political engagement and advocacy program at UniKuir NGO. My task here is to strengthen the capacity of university and young LGBTI+'s on political participation, to increase their participation in decision-making mechanisms and to make LGBTI+'s rights visible to national and international institutions.
Mahmut Şeren is the network champion (main point of contact) for University Queer Research and LGBTI+ Solidarity Association (UniKuir NGO).

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