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Gergely Kemény

Added on: Nov 19, 2018

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2018

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our aim to provide legal service to people with poverty especially regarding to housing problems, homelessness and other issues

The Streetlawyer Association has been operating its free legal aid program at Blaha Lujza Square for more than eight years, during which time they provided legal opinions and aid to more than 100 people per year. The clients mainly people with housing problems or homeless people whom without our work could not enforce their basic rights.

Poverty is a main global issue in “rich countries” also, so the association is dealing with not just strategic cases, but try to give an access to everyone to the justice. They run many project specially about education, protect homeless people’s right and supervise discriminating petty offenses regulations in the country.

To enforce the 3rd generation of human rights in Hungary – social issues, regarding to poverty – is the main project of the association, try to give an access to everyone to the law and justice, and find the cases also where strategic litigation could be aimed for a better world.


Andrea Szatmári

I am a lawyer, PhD student at Faculty of Law, Eötvös Lorand University of Budapest, researcher in the field of social rights and administrative law. At the same time, I am a voluntary lawyer of Utcajogász Egyesület (Streetlawyer Association) which provides legal aid for homeless people and people living in housing poverty.


Gergely Kemény

My first interest connected to the human rights was about the environmental protection. I have studied environmental law in Budapest and in Warsaw also but never worked with it. In a part of my life I lived and worked with people with disabilities so I perceived there is a lot of problems around which are global issues but also really closed to me. Now I am working in an association which dealing with poverty and housing problems, in Hungary its a big problem, maybe one of the biggest infringement of the basic rights. So we are seeking to provide legal aid to everyone who could loose their living opportunity, children or what else just because of their poverty.