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Vision Care Organization (VICO)

Bugiri, Uganda
Joined December 2017

Our vision is to have a society where vulnerable groups live up to their full potential and enjoy their rights free of any violations

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Health

We promote respect and observance of human rights of vulnerable groups through advocacy, awareness creation, research & documentation and capacity building.


  • To sensitize minority groups such as LGBT people and sex workers about laws that protects them against any violations of their rights.
  • To educate marginalized groups about their human rights and connect them to services such legal aid and HIV testing & treatment.
  • To equip the youths with Entrepreneurial skills through vocational training to enable them be self-reliant.

Vision Care organization has championed the fight for the rights of minorities especially LGBT and sex workers by securing their release from police during arbitrary arrests and torture. It has held several platforms these communities to interact and network.

Vision Care conducts HIV testing and counseling & treatment services targeting these minority groups. It also engages local leaders in our area of operation to change perception about rights of marginalized groups. It uses social media platforms for networking and information sharing.

People Associated With This Organization

Sam Okumu

Vision Care Organization (VICO)
Joined December 2017
Interests: Gender-based violence
I am executive director of a Vision Care Organization. I stand to uplift the rights of marginalized groups in Namayingo District, Uganda.
Sam Okumu is the network champion (main point of contact) for Vision Care Organization (VICO).

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