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Wigayi Kissandu

Added on: Jul 07, 2016

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2017

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We work to empower women to attain their rights and to improve vulnerable population’s access to justice across Tanzania

Women in Tanzania are routinely denied rights granted to them by international and domestic law. These violations occur due to patriarchal laws and cultural traditions that devalue women in both the public and private sphere. The Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) is a non-profit NGO that works to empower women to attain their rights and to improve vulnerable population’s access to justice across Tanzania.

Since 1989, WLAC has been at the forefront of the fight for the promotion and protection of women’s rights in Tanzania, accomplishing its successes through four units: legal aid, advocacy and networking, paralegal training and outreach, and publication and documentation. Although the organization focuses on inheritance rights and gender-based violence, all issues related to gender are addressed within WLAC’s work, contributing to the realization of its grand vision for a just society that respects the rights of women and children.

Mission: To promote access to justice and advocate for gender responsive policies for women and children

Vision: A just society that respects the rights of women and children


Abia Richard

Hellow My name is Abia Richard. I graduated LLB at Mzumbe University in Morogoro TZ and now work at Women Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) as legal aid Officer. In addition to my regular duties as a lawyer at WLAC, I coordinate some programs like the Tunaweza campaign (We Can campaign). I hope to learn from the resources on this network and exchange knowledge with other legal aid providers.


Darragh Coward

Hello & thank you for visiting my profile here on the Namati network. I'm currently an intern at the Women's Legal Aid Centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - though my position has less to do with legal aid than it does with public outreach and resource mobilization. Through this network - I'm hoping to learn more about community building and techniques for adapting to limitations re: funding.


Getrude Wilbert

Supporting Paralegal under WLAC


Joventine Jovenary

My name is Joventine and I graduated from Tumaini Dar es Salaam University-College with a degree in law in 2015 and am now working as a legal intern in the legal aid department of WLAC. I hope to use this network to meet other legal practitioners from around the world and build on my legal knowledge.


Ruth Shah-Wigley

I am a trained barrister called to the bar in three jurisdictions. I also hold a LLM in International Human Rights law and I am currently working in legal aid and human rights in Tanzania. I am looking to network and have access to pertinent information and reading material in the area of human rights and legal aid in developing countries.


Valbona Salihu

The Lawyer’s Association “Norma” is NGO in Kosovo, created by 12 member lawyers. For 20 years, is promoting human rights; Offering legal aid to women; Reacting against any violation of human rights; Raising awareness on gender equality; Influencing the issuance, change and supplement of the laws. It has realized projects involving different activities on legal and gender rights of women and man, minorities, inter-ethnic reconciliation, advocacy for gender rights and protection of vulnerable groups. NORMA has offered legal aid more than 6.500 of all Kosovo communities organized more than 300 workshops, 28 round-tables, 30 seminars and 5 conferences Kosovo wide, with participation of more than 17.000 persons. NORMA has spared her work in all municipalities in Kosovo. In each of these municipalities, groups receiving a special focus for access to justice include vulnerable women and men, minorities, people with a low income, IDPs as well as physically and mentally challenged.


Wigayi Kissandu

My name is Wigayi Kissandu, am a lawyer by professional; I have 8 years working on women rights. I joined WLAC since 2007 whereby I have been providing legal aid to needy women and children. Working with WLAC has enabled me to learn a lot of issues that affect and hinder women from accessing their legal rights that are inborn rights and those enshrined into constitution. Through working with WLAC I have participated into different forums and advocacy campaigns that aims at reforming policies and laws that are gender sensitive. Joining this network i believe is an opportunity for me to learn from other countries and share experience that will contribute to broaden my skills in this field.


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