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Xavante Association of Etenhiritipá

Canarana, Brazil
Joined February 2019

Local community organization that aims the empowerment of the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Savannah in the defense of socio-environmental rights.

Presence in: Brazil
Focus: Environmental Justice

The Xavante Etenhiritipá Association is a local community organization formed by people who experience the difficult  indigenous reality. Aims the empowerment of the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Savannah and the community of Etenhiritipá in the defense of socio-environmental rights. Promotes socio-environmental rights and well-being of the villages of the Xavante Indigenous Reserve through Projects in different areas.

Our Goals: a) strengthening the identity of the Xavante people; b) the protection and dissemination of thought, knowledge, and culture; c) alternatives for a decent life through sustainable development; d) promotion of health and education; e) social inclusion and female protagonism; f) preservation of the Xavante tradition.

Recently, our focus has been on reducing infant mortality rates, NINE times higher than the national average. We are the indigenous people with the highest number of child deaths in Brazil. In this sense, our proposal is to implement (in an integrated way) actions that promote: (i) availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all inhabitants (SDG/UN number 6); (ii) gender equality (SDG/UN number 5); (iii) inclusive, equitable and quality education (SDG/UN number 4); (iv) ensuring a healthy life and well-being for all (SDG/UN number 3).

People Associated With This Organization

Fernanda Viegas Reichardt

Xavante Association of Etenhiritipá
Joined February 2019
Interests: Environmental Justice
Graduated in Law; PhD in Applied Ecology; Post-doctoral felowship at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. I work with violations of human rights and environmental rights violations in the Amazon Agricultural Frontier. Emphasis is given to the Xavante people and to the challenges of the Sustainable Development Objectives of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations in Indigenous Land.
Fernanda Viegas Reichardt is the network champion (main point of contact) for Xavante Association of Etenhiritipá.

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