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Youth Empowerment and Support Organization (YESO)

Kampala, Uganda
Joined April 2021

YESO work in refugee settlement and in the host communities.Mission. To defend children and empowering youth for self reliance. Activities.1.Child protection. Education and Livelihood.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Education, Livelihoods, Women's Rights

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT AND SUPPORT ORGANIZATION (YESO) Is a Community Based Organization that was formed by youth refugee having intention of defending children at risks, empowering youth for self reliance and supporting vulnerable individuals.its the Organization that do not involve it’s work in politics, Tribalism, Religious affiliations and other related sorts of evil.

It was founded in year 2015 as a small group and later grew into CBO in 2018 in Uganda, Kikube district Kyangwali refugees settlement.

Goals and Objective Statement.

  • To defend and protectchildren at risks such as Orphans, neglected and Harassed.
  • To empower Children and Youth through the provision of Education and other entrepreneurial skills.

To create self reliant community and food security through the provision of agriculture support.

Mission Statement.

To defend children and empowering youth for self reliance.

Vision Statement.

To achieve protected children, empowered Youth and strong future generation.

YESO Area of focus.

Protection and Basic Education for children.


  • Education for children.
  • Child protection and SGBV programs.
  • Livelihoodprogram.

Ways forward to implement.

  • Supporting school going children with scholastic materials and others.
  • Protect, Solve and preventing children from sexual and Gender violence.
  • Provision of agriculture support to Farmers.
  • Core values.
  • Transparency.
  • Integrity.
  • Co-operation.
  • Honesty and Empathy.

YESO Motto.

Achieve in future.

Statement of Incorporation.

YESO is a body corporate with it’s legal identity which is separate from its individual’s members.

Additional information is that YESO is registered with the local government and has got permission to operate in the settlement as an Organization. So thankful for your time hope to add on where necessary and if asked.


People Associated With This Organization

Sikubwabo Kanizio

Youth Empowerment and Support...
Joined April 2021
Interests: Education, Livelihoods, Women's Rights
Am a male aged 27old a Congolese by nationality ,single and a resident of Kyangwali refugees settlement as a refugee in Uganda. Am the founder of this Organization and now am working as the executive director and am among the decision makers of the Organization. The Organization started by me in 2015 as a small group and further grew in 2018 as an organization after registration from the local government of Uganda.Iam educated to maximum of advanced level (senior 6) and so I didn't get chance to go further with education. By now am joining the network because I want assistance from you and anyone having passionate of funding us and helping refugees. As the Organization we handle child protection, Education for children especially Girls and livelihood programs. In child protection we handle Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Cases, provide sanitary pads and soaps to Girls and women as a way of promoting hygiene etc. In Education,we provide scholastic materials to school going children. For example we give school bags, school uniforms,books and pens to encourage education as a ways of Empowerment to people. Then with livelihood program, we give agriculture support such as vegetable seeds, animals and birds for rearing as away of boosting living standards of people. Why do we feel that we are the best for this, is because we are based in the area of need. For example refugees are not allowed to own land and other things in the country he or she's as a refugee. They don't dig nor do business only live by small portion of food they receive from World Food Program WFP funded by UNHCR. And so by being refugees, we found that they are not limited to Education and protection. That's the reasons to why we came up to help. Thank you for your time and let's meet for more information if at all you will need.
Sikubwabo Kanizio is the network champion (main point of contact) for Youth Empowerment and Support Organization (YESO).

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