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Youth Empowerment Services (Research and Rehabilitation) Trust of Kashmir

Joined February 2023

The NGO is committed to create strong and independent society without inequalities and discrimination, and where everybody enjoys equal opportunities.

Presence in: India
Focus: Children's Rights, Community Organizing, Criminal Justice, Disability Rights, Education, Environmental Justice, Family, Generalist Legal Services, Health, HIV/Aids, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods, Protection & Safety, Right to Information, Women's Rights

Youth Empowerment Services (Research & Rehabilitation) Trust of Kashmir is a voluntary Organization working for the education, health   and women’s empowerment in the underprivileged communities, especially with Children and women.

 The trust has a deep seated conviction that both the individual and the society have a positive responsibility towards each other, with a view to augmenting the chances of the better world order. The major burden of the educational thought of the trust is, therefore, to make man and society not only responsive to each other but to integrate their efforts to realize their perfection in life.  → That the  trust will reserve a certain quota in its college for the educationally backward, poor and orphan students and will also provide financial assistance to these students in pursuing their higher education and the trust will also provide scholarship to its meritorious students in pursuing t he higher education.

→ To establish, promote, set-up, run, maintain, assist, finance support and/or aid to or help in the setting up and/or maintain orphanages, widow homes, lunatic asylums, poor houses or other establishments for relief and/or help to the poor, old and infirm people and/or destitute. →To give higher education to the poor students, employees who are working in government or semi government departments but having low education, those children’s/students whose education has been effected due to turmoil’s in the parts of country, specially in  Kashmir valley from last three years. →To start, maintain and assist any relief measures in those parts which are or become subjected to natural calamities such as flood, fire, drought, famine, cyclone, earth-quake, epidemic, storm, accident, pestilence, etc. →To establish, maintain or grant aid for the establishment or maintenance of wells, tube-wells, tanks, water-reservoirs and trees and constructions of and repairs to paths, roads, bridges, etc. for the use of the public.