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Raymond Kaima

Added on: Jun 02, 2016

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2016

Zambia Land Alliance is a network of civil society organizations that have come together to fight for the common cause of advocating for land policies, laws and administrative systems that take into consideration the interests of rural poor and urban poor communities. Zambia Land Alliance works with its members and partners in this effort.


Best Sohati

Am Best Sohati aged 27 years , Zambian by birth. I work for Zambia Land Alliance which promotes tenure security through pro-poor policies and laws as a human resource and administration officer.Currently am obtaining a bachelors degree in governance and public administration. The i would like to join this network is for me to learn from other audiences about their countries on land tenure rights both to men and women. How they deal with land relations, what the women's role is and the strategies they use to advocate for land rights . I have a passion for human rights and fighting for the less-privileged. Thank you and i look forward joining your growing family and to learn and contribute.


Elias Simbeye

I am a Human Rights Activist and currently engaged with Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA) as a District Coordinator. In my line of work, I receive and deal with complaints on land rights abuse from various community members where I operate from. It is my hope that joining the network will accord me opportunities to share ideas and learn from the experiences of the network members on the promotion and protection of community land rights.


Gilbert Yumba

I am renowned Paralegal, trained at the University of Zambia. I have worked with credible organizations, and through out my work i have worked and supervised by qualified lawyers. Currently, am working with minimal supervision by a lay person who is not a lawyer. Joining the network will sharpen the nature of my work thereby to benefit the community in which am operating in. NB: I participated in the scholarship that invited interested individuals to under take the said training workshop slated to take place sometime in September, 2016.


Mutinta Chisiya

I am a Public Administrator by profession currently working as a District Coordinator with Zambia Land Alliance which is a network of the civil society organization advocating for just land laws and policies that take into account the interest of the poor. My joining this group is to learn and have a wider understanding of governance and land rights. Bearing the fact that the district am coordinating has just been given the district status. And seeing the poor being displaced without compensation breaks my heart hence the interest to join this group and learn more.


Noreen Miti

Noreen Miti is the Programs Officer for Chipata District Land Alliance (CDLA) in Chipata, Zambia and currently overseeing the implementation of a Tenure & Global Climate Change Project with support from USAID. I bring with me over eight years of experience in Land Rights programming, Strategic Management, Capacity Building and advocacy. In the past, I have supported youths and women's groups whose land was threatened by a lack of security of tenure. In 2010 to 2012, I managed a two year project, "Women Land Rights" (WOLAR) ensuring that women land rights were protected. Prior to coming to CDLA, I was an Adminstrative Assistant at MicroCredit Foundation (Zambia) and managed small loans for women groups as a way of empowering them work their way out of poverty. I hold a BSc in Project Management from ICM.


Raymond Kaima

I am a human rights activist who has dedicated his legal skills to fight for equal rights for all especially in terms of land rights. I have studied law and specialised in human rights law. I am further, a fully accredited member of the Paralegal Alliance Network of Zambia. I have worked with communities at grassroot levels and have established community paralegal desks and equipped them with legal skils that are relevant to thier cause. By joining this network, I am open to learning how other practitioners have been able to undertake their work with communities and learn on the methods that they have used to do that work.


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