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Ali Hassan

Added on: Apr 10, 2019

I work with Zanzibar Law Review Commission as Legal Officer. Also, I serve as Board Member of Urban Paralegal Unit (UPAU), Chairman of Youth for Empowerment and Change (YEC) .

Zanzibar Law Review Commission is established under section 3 of The Law Review Commission of Zanzibar Act  No.16/1986.

The main function of the commission is to take and keep under review all the law of Zanzibar with a view to its systematic development and reform;

Others; (a) consider and advise on proposal for the adoption of new or more effective methods of administration of the law and dispensation of justice

(b) review any law or branch of the law and propose measures necessary (1) bringing that law or branch of the law in accord with current circumstances of Zanzibar (2) Eliminating anomalies or other defects in the law, repealing obsolete or unnecessary laws and reducing the number of separate enactments (3) the proper modification and simplification, of that law or branch of law


Ali Hassan

Ali Haji Hassan from Zanzibar, Tanzania,I am hardworking activist , facilitator, and Advocate of High Court of Zanzibar, Volunteer Consultant keen to develop new skills ,adaptable and ambitious with excellent understanding of program management ,administration keen to take on the daily challenges. Ability to maintain high level of work standard, excellent analytical skills, presentation skills and self -confidence and reliability. I have 10 years experience of Civil Society Organizations . The network will be helpful to me to get more knowledge on Legal Empowerment and opportunities that are available around the world in the field of Legal Empowerment. The network will give me unique chance to learn from other people and sharing idea for the purpose of solving different problems where by our community faces especially in the side of Legal Empowerment. Also, I will share my skills in term of writing legal articles for news papers, CSO's Constitutions and the aspect of Volunteer


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