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Brooklyn, NY, United States
Joined April 2021

We are a national organization supporting of local initiatives.We create and implement media communications, and policy advocacy trainings, original curricula, educational tools, and movement-building

Presence in: United States
Focus: Health, Other, Policy Advocacy

Established in 2020, Zealous is a national organization in support of local initiative. Moving public defender advocacy outside of the court. Zealous trains public defenders how to support public advocacy initiatives in collaboration with grassroots organization. We use high level artistry, artistry in the broad sense of the word meaning any platform that allows for creative self expression can be considered artistry including social media and op-eds, to bring to light social justice issues that normally will not be identified merely by considering the facts. The facts do not tell the whole story, but artistry can provide contexts for the facts.

People Associated With This Organization

Alejo Rodriguez

United States  
Joined April 2021
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Criminal Justice, Livelihoods, Policy Advocacy
My name is Alejo Rodriguez, Chief of Curriculum and Storytelling, Zealous. I am a published poet, published law journal scholar, have some experience in narrative screenwriting, an adjunct professor at Columbia Law School, and Director of Community Engagement . I am also formerly incarcerated, having served 32 years in New York State prison system I am also formerly incarcerated.
Alejo Rodriguez is the network champion (main point of contact) for Zealous.

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