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Network Dispatch

Namati regularly updates members of the legal empowerment network and other supporters with news, useful resources and research; tools to improve their working and opportunities to get together and grow the field of legal empowerment.

We invite you to browse our past mailers via the list below. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please fill out the form at the end of this page.

Browse our past mailers

May 2018 | Should the Private Sector Help Finance Legal Empowerment

April 2018 | Join a Learning Exchange on Citizenship Rights

April 2018 | Webinar: How We Can Tip the Scales Towards Justice For All

March 2018 | Webinar: Working with Communities for Environmental Justice

March 2018 | Meet the Winners of the Grassroots Justice Prize

February 2018 | One Day, Two Big Announcements

February 2018 | What Should We Get Done Together in 2018?

January 2018 | New Guide and Webinar: How Paralegals Can Advance Environmental Justice

January 2018 | New TED Talk on Legal Empowerment

January 2018 | Vote for the #WalkTogether Prize for Courage

December 2017 | Will you stand with us? 

November 2017 | Only a few days left to apply for the Grassroots Justice Prize

October 2017 | The World’s Only Prize for Legal Empowerment is Back

September 2017 | A tribute to a champion of our movement: Nomboniso Nangu Maqubela

August 2017 | The World’s Only Legal Empowerment Leadership Course

May 2017 | Webinar: Should Legal Empowerment Be a Profession?

March 2017 | How to Fund Legal Empowerment

February 2017 | “Access to Justice for All”: Where are we now? 

January 2017 | Annual Survey: What Should We Get Done Together in 2017?

December 2016 | How to Build a Paralegal Program

December 2016 | Now More Than Ever

August 2016 | What do we Mean by Legal Empowerment? 

June 2016 | Apply Now for the World’s Only Legal Empowerment Leadership Course

April 2016 | Advancing the Right to Citizenship

February 2016 | Protecting Community Lands – Everything We’ve Learned in a New Guide

January 2016 | Monthly Highlights – Annual Member Survey now open! 

December 2015 | Make Justice a Reality in 2016

December 2015 | What should we do in 2016?

December 2015 | Bringing the Law to Life

December 2015 | New! ? Monthly Highlights from Community Discussions

November 2015 | Catch up on Latest Opportunities and Discussions – Global Legal Empowerment Network

October 2015 | Get Connected! People Opportunities and resources in our new space

October 2015 | Justice in the Global Development Goals – We Won!

September 2015 | Look who won the world’s first grassroots Justice Prize

July 2015 | Legal empowerment in two minutes or two weeks

July 2015 | Last day to apply – legal empowerment leadership course

July 2015 | Bringing environmental law to life

July 2015 | Legal Empowerment Leadership Course – An Invitation to Apply

June 2015 | How legal empowerment can improve healthcare

April 2015 | Land at Risk? International Lawyers are Able to Help

March 2015 | Our new legal database for community land rights

March 2015 | Seeking new partners | Videos on how to protect community land

March 2015 | Reversing a bad land deal in Liberia + more community land protection news

February 2015 | Ten Days Left to Apply for the Namati Justice Prize

February 2015 | Support Land Justice in Myanmar

January 2015 | Work together. Join a Learning Exchange!

January 2015 | New Awards for Fighting Injustice

December 2014 | Support the pursuit of justice – last chance in 2014

December 2014 | Justice in the New Development Goals – Where do We Stand Now?

December 2014 | Meet Elias and Hortência

October 2014 | Meet Manisha. She’s a paralegal

September 2014 | Paralegals and the Hope of Citizenship

July 2014 | Protecting Community Lands: New Resources and Notes from the Field

July 2014 | Films & Memories: Lessons in Legal Empowerment

May 2014 | Time is running out for Justice

May 2014 | Legal Empowerment: The First Global Evidence Review

March 2014 | Legal empowerment and the land rush: new resources from the field

February 2014 | Stand up now – our chance to make justice part of global development

January 2014 | Justice in Pictures

January 2014 | ‘The Missing Piece in the War on AIDS’, Namati’s Ellie Feinglass in the New York Times

December 2013 | Hamid’s Story

August 2013 | We lost a soldier for justice last week

June 2013 | Justice 2015 – Act Now

May 2013 | Call for Applications: Middle East and North Africa Regional Meeting on Legal Empowerment

March 2013 | Obama Meets Koromoa – Time to talk Land Rights

February 2013 | Growth of the Network | Year in Review

December 2012 | New Media Series: African Voices of Legal Empowerment

November 2012 | Network Has a New Look | Paralegal Manual Published | Abed & Soros Speak on LE

August 2012 | Call for Applicants to SE Asia Regional Meeting

August 2012 | Declaration Urges Govts to Support Paralegals | S. Africa’s Paralegals Mobilize

June 2012 |  Community Land Titling Initiative Report Launch

June 2012 | Lat Am Meeting | Financial Mgmt Scholarships | Call for Evidence

May 2012 | News from Namati: May 2012

May 2012 | Call for Applicants to African Paralegal Workshop

April 2012 | News from Namati

March 2012 | News from the Global Legal Empowerment Network


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