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Employment Opportunity: Access to Justice Deputy Team Leader, Sierra Leone

       Job Title: Deputy Team Leader/Programme Manager

Access to Security and Justice Programme (ASJP)

Location: Sierra Leone

Length of the project: 4 years

Start Date: ASAP

Deadline for Application: 15th June 2012

About DAI

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Objective of the project

The overall goal of this programme is to secure the conditions for consolidating peace and security in Sierra Leone.  It aims to strengthen peace, development, rights protection and responsible government in Sierra Leone.  The programme focuses on strengthening the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) to sustainably deliver increased access to efficient, impartial and accountable justice.  It aims to support GoSL to improve access and service delivery of security and justice services for the poor and vulnerable and for those living in remote and marginalised areas.  It aims to do so by engaging with both the formal and informal justice systems and by strengthening accountability and oversight mechanisms.

The ASJP is aligned to the GoSL’s Justice Sector Reform Strategy and Investment Plan 2011 – 2013 (JSRSIP II), supporting Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) as well as Civil Society Organisations to deliver four outputs:

Scope of Work

The Deputy Team Leader (DTL) will support the Team Leader (TL) in all aspects of ASJP programme management, focusing mainly on managing the programme cycle and ensuring the ASJP activities and implementation are in line with the strategic objectives and vision of the overall ASJP.  He/She will work closely with the Team Leader, a justice sector reform specialist, to provide overall direction and management to the ASJP team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Key Skills & Qualifications:


How to apply:

Please submit CV and cover letter to europerecruit@dai.com

May 29, 2012 | Namati