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Employment Opportunity: Senior Access to Justice Expert

The European Union will provide technical and financial assistance to the Government of the Republic of the Philippines to contribute to the promotion of equitable access to justice and its efficient enforcement for all citizens in general and poor and disadvantaged people, including women, children, minorities, indigenous peoples, and human rights and social activists, in particular. The technical assistance team will be tasked to assist in the implementation of the programme and in capacity development with the final objectives being to:

(i) increase the accessibility of the civil and criminal justice systems;
(ii) improve the ability of the criminal justice system to address the issue of impunity of major human rights violations; and
(iii) enhance the accountability of justice system stakeholders.

Key expert 2: Senior Access to Justice Expert – At least 770 working days of effective service over a period of 45 months

Qualifications and skills

(1) A master’s degree in law or development studies, or equivalent;

(2) An excellent verbal and written command of English is essential. Knowledge of Filipino would be an added advantage;

(3) Organisational, communication, mobilisation and change management skills;

(4) Ability to develop solid partnerships with high level officials in order to achieve project results;

(5) Ability to work in a diverse cultural environment with a good team spirit;

(6) Ability to analyse complex situations and to describe them in a clear and unambiguous manner and to propose possible solutions.

General professional experience (1) A minimum of ten (10) years professional experience, with at least six (6) years experience in external cooperation in at least two (2) developing countries; and (2) At least five (5) years experience in project management and implementation.

Specific professional experience

(1) At least three (3) years of experience of working in external cooperation programmes in fields related to access to justice such as legal awareness, legal assistance, legal protection, alternative dispute resolution, and poor and vulnerable-sensitive adjudication;

(2) Experience in informal justice system;

(3) Knowledge of the Philippines justice system would be an added advantage;

(4) Experience in managing EU-funded projects and knowledge of EU procedures would be an added advantage.

The expert is expected to work in the beneficiary country 100% of the working days stated.



May 22, 2012 | Namati