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Innovative Website Demystifies Family Law in Canada

This article originally appeared on the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch.


June 13, 2012

The Law Society of Upper Canada has launched Your Law: Family Law in Ontario, an easy-to-use online gateway to comprehensive information and guidance for parents and children involved in a family law dispute.

“The Law Society needed to take action to help improve the family law justice system,” says Laurie Pawlitza, Treasurer of the Law Society. “People involved in family breakdowns are increasingly looking for answers online and the Your Law site makes sure they can easily find accurate and helpful information in plain language. Our justice system should not be a maze that only legal professionals can navigate.”

A series of easy-to-follow prompts respond to the needs of users to provide them with the information that is most relevant to their situation, in brief, clear summaries. The Your Law site includes helpful checklists, definitions of common terms, an interactive diagram of a courtroom and links to videos and other resources. It leverages the valuable content already existing on the websites of leading justice organizations such as the Ministry of the Attorney General, Department of Justice, Legal Aid Ontario, Community Legal Education Ontario and others.

In addition to providing comprehensive guidance in plain language, the Your Law: Family Law in Ontario website pulls together all the excellent information that already exists on the web to create a ‘first stop’ for people looking for family law information.

“The Law Society strives to make justice more accessible to Ontarians in spaces where they are most active and increasingly that is the online world,” says Treasurer Pawlitza.

“The Your Law: Family Law in Ontario website is just one of the many online initiatives the Law Society has led to facilitate greater access to justice and enable the justice system to work more efficiently.”

The Law Society maintains an online member directory where the public can confirm that the legal professional they are thinking of hiring is appropriately licensed and a YouTube channel with videos providing information on common legal issues such as real estate and wills and estates. The Law Society Referral Service, which connects people to lawyers and paralegals for a free 30 minute consultation, recently became available on-line.

The Law Society of Upper Canada regulates Ontario’s lawyers and paralegals in the public interest ensuring that every individual who practises law or provides legal services in Ontario meets standards of learning, professional competence and professional conduct that are appropriate for the legal services provided.

Visit the Your Law website at http://yourontariolaw.com/ and the Law Society website at www.lsuc.on.ca

June 14, 2012 | Namati

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