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Sierra Leone TV Show Aims to Educate Women about Legal Rights

Women sit on the porch of a house in the Congo Town neighborhood of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown, April 28, 2012. - Reuters

Many women in Sierra Leone are unaware of their rights; this often leads to unjust detainment or punishment for alleged crimes, for which they have little recourse.  To address this issue, the Sierra Leonean NGO AdvocAid has created a television drama series called Police Case.  The show intends to educate citizens– women in particular– about their rights and expectations for law enforcement.

The show highlights common issues and grievances that occur in Sierra Leone, including unjust detention and imprisonment.   A particularly poignant example the show draws inspiration from is that of “M.K.,” the longest-serving woman on death row after she was wrongfully accused of murdering her step daughter and denied a fair trial.  AdvocAid eventually helped to prove M.K.’s innocence and take her off of death row.  Police Case‘s actors and producers hope that by educating others about their legal rights, M.K.’s story will be an anomaly.

The show will premiere in Sierra Leone at the end of July.  Read more coverage about the show on Voice of America News.

July 12, 2012 | Abigail Moy