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“Toward Basic Justice Care for Everyone”

April 2012– Innovating Justice released Part One of its report “Toward Basic Justice Care for Everyone: Challenges and Promising Approaches.”  The report and its findings will be addressed at the 2012 Innovating Justice Forum.

The report highlights the following promising trends in access to justice programming worldwide:

-Courts and informal tribunals developed specialized processes (family, land, employment, consumer, neighbor, drug crime, etc.). Judges actively work with the parties to settle the problem in a fair way during a hearing. They only decide if required.

-Programs of lawyers, paralegals and facilitators now integrate advocacy and mediation skills. They are crossing the borders between professions, using knowledge from social sciences, and their services are effective and affordable, even for the poor.

-New technologies and organisational masterpieces, often coming from the IT sector, can be adopted. eBay resolves 60 million consumer disputes each year, using an online platform where mediators or adjudicators can log in if their help is needed. A program lead by entrepreneur Nandan Nilekani issues ID’s based on iris scans to 20 million Indian residents each month. Legalzoom.com has a profitable business in legal documents online. Legal expenses insurance companies solve a great number of conflicts effectively. These innovations attract a huge amount of clients and work in many different legal settings.

-Innovative judges, lawyers, helpdesks and web platforms reinvented legal information. Instead of abstract, Napoleon like codes, they offer new standards for settlements (for child support, damages schedules, etc.) and step by step guidelines for resolving issues.

Read the full press release here.  You can also download the Executive Summary and Full Report.

April 16, 2012 | Namati