Babafemi Johnson

Deputy Director of Operations, Sierra Leone Program, Freetown, Sierra Leone

A Sierra Leonean and lover of classical and church music, Babafemi has over 25 years of professional experience in both public and private sectors including the UN in financial management, HR, procurement, risk and audit assurance. Until recently, he was Director of both Freetown Nominees Limited and Moore International for nine years.

He holds a Bachelor in Science with Honors in Applied Accounting, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Accounting and Finance and an honorary Doctorate of Business Administration. Babafemi also holds a host of professional certifications, including membership to the prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting in the UK. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Financial Managers UK.

He has undertaken a host of international training in UN finance, financial management, debt management, financial programming and policies, advanced data analysis and procurement.