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Nelson Francisco Samuquela

Program Officer, Mozambique , Zambezia, Mozambique

Nelson was born in the district of Gurué and grew up in the city of Quelimane, where he studied Environmental Management and Planning and Community Development at the Pedagogical University of Quelimane.

Nelson began his career as data digitizer in the Provincial Drecção of Agriculture, and later worked as a Controller of the Agro-Livestock Census at the National Statistical Institute through all districts of Zambézia.

He’s also worked with Motivel as a Transmission Technician and a Monitoring and Supervision Technician for mobile signal, and later as a Provincial Supervisor of Data Collection with the National Association for Nutrition and Food Security.

In recent years, he has worked for the Child Rights League as Program Officer in Participative Democracy and Access to Basic Services, and for the National Child Pastoral Association as Program Coordinator.

Nelson has also completed trainings in Advocacy, Participation and Citizenship by CESC; Human Rights Based Approach Training by the Tanzania Arusha Training and Cooperation Center in collaboration with ActionAid Mozambique in Tanzania; and Positive Discipline and Gender Sensitive Pedagogy by ActionAid Mozambique in Alto Molócue.

When he’s not working, you can find Nelson listening to music, dancing, and spending as much quality time with his wife and children as possible.