Therese Etoka

Digital Organizer, US Environmental Justice Program, Washington, DC

Therese Etoka is a Digital Organizer for the US Environmental Justice Program at Namati, partnering with communities and organizers in the MidAtlantic region to address grave, inter-connected challenges including environmental injustice, unemployment, and racial and economic inequity. While holding broader communications responsibilities for the US EJ Program, her dynamic role helps with building and activating a broad grassroots base through strategic, online communications to assist US legal empowerment advocates and communities facing environmental injustice. With extensive experience in communications, marketing, and digital organizing, Etoka has always been passionate about advancing economic justice, environmental justice, and human rights; she continues to focus on highlighting the experiences of the most marginalized communities both globally and across the country. Prior to this role, she has worked in communications and marketing roles as a Communications Associate, Communications Coordinator, and more, developing marketing materials to bring the most optimal, accessible healthcare to vulnerable communities, specifically women, mothers, & children with disabilities at a hospital with the Kupona Foundation in Tanzania. As well as a role developing, managing, and maintaining strategic internal and external communications for nonprofit organizations focusing on achieving social justice through directly serving Black, Southeast Asian, women, girls, and LGBTQIA+ low to no-income communities in the midwest and beyond by building power within the community through organizing.

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, she now resides on the east coast here in the U.S. With a deep understanding of the experiences of marginalized communities, she is committed to building a just and equitable world for Black and Brown communities, with a focus on QTBIPOC women and children. Etoka is a multidisciplinary creative with a burning passion to generate ecosystems for change.