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Tobias Eigen

Community Manager, Seattle, WA

Tobias has been helping nonprofits use the Internet since the first days of dial-up modems. With a focus on capacity building, especially in Africa, Tobias has done everything from setting up hardware for journalists in West Africa to building an online platform for more than 1700 organizations. Adept at “interpreting” technology for nonprofits and helping them to develop online strategies to serve their vital work, Tobias has advised and trained international organizations such as Transparency International as well as tiny grassroots groups. In 1999, Tobias founded Kabissa – Space for Change in Africa, a nonprofit organization with the mission to help African civil society organizations put ICT to work for the benefit of their communities. Tobias has lived and worked in the US, Kenya, Germany and the UK, and is a graduate of Georgetown University and the University of Sussex.