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Vinod Patgar

Senior Enviro-Legal Coordinator, Uttara Kannada, India

Vinod Patgar has worked with the Centre for Policy Research – Namati Environment Justice Program since 2013. He has Masters Degree in Education and, prior to joining Namati, worked as a teacher.

As a Senior Enviro-legal coordinator, he works with communities who are dependent on the environment and traditional livelihoods in Uttara Kannada’s coast. He works with communities and traditional fishermen to bring awareness about coastal and fisheries regulations and using environmental laws to safeguard the environment around them. He has extensive experience working to bring awareness about Coastal Regulation Zone Notifications to support communities who live near the coast, and has made efforts to find justice in the event of a violation of the Notification. To reduce harmful impacts on local communities, his work also extends towards ensuring environmental compliance by industries and other projects. He is also working with farmers and fishermen to understand the impacts of water pollution on their livelihoods and understanding the laws and institutions associated with water pollution.

Namati’s Environmental Justice Program, India, works in collaboration with the Centre for Policy Research.