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A Framework for Measuring the Costs of Paths to Justice

By: Martin Gramatikov

The goal of this paper is to elaborate a framework of categories of the private costs of justice, which should facilitate the measurement and comparison of costs of the paths to justice. Using the criterion of substance of the costs, the framework recognizes three categories – out-of-pocket costs, opportunity costs and intangible costs. For each cost category, the author discusses the relevant measurement and validation challenges. A conclusion of the study is that despite the focus of policy actions and research placed on the out-of-pocket costs of justice, the costs from the other two categories are a significant challenge for the accessibility of the paths to justice. The use of the framework is recommended as a more balanced approach to measuring, comparing and understanding the existing barriers faced during the paths to justice.

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Uploaded on: Mar 12, 2014
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015
Year Published: 2008
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