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Access to Justice and Legal Aid in East Africa: A comparison of the legal aid schemes used in the region and the level of cooperation and coordination between the various actors

This report, which has been carried out by the Danish Institute for Human Rights, based on a cooperation with the East Africa Law Society, presents a comparative analysis of access to justice and legal aid in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The study is part of the follow-up process to the December 2008 Kigali Conference on Access to Justice and Legal Aid in Africa, organised by the Danish Institute for Human Rights, the Rwandan Legal Aid Forum and the East Africa Law Society, which sought to address the challenges within the African context of achieving the goals of the Kyiv Declaration on the Right to Legal Aid. The present report should also be understood in light of other important initiatives undertaken in the field of access to justice and legal aid, including the 2004 Lilongwe Conference and Declaration organised by Penal Reform International.

The main purpose of this study is to identify trends in the provision of legal aid in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, including a description of the main legal aid practices used in the region, and an identification and description of linkages between the various legal aid providers. This provides a platform for offering recommendations for the stakeholders in legal aid in the region. In this way, the study also provides a planning base for advocacy strategies for improved access to justice in the countries covered, in particular with regard to strengthening cooperation and coordination between the various legal aid providers.

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