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Africa Prisons Project Impact Report 2017

This resource is a 2017 impact report from the Africa Prisons Project, which begins with the following introductory note from the founder and Director General:

Over the past decade, I’ve visited prisons all around Africa, where the majority of prisoners are still awaiting trial. In terrible conditions, their circumstances appear overwhelming and their future seems hopeless.

Our remit is to bring dignity, hope, and justice to men, women and children in African prisons ensuring equitable access to justice, health and education. This year, I’m delighted to say, we’ve accomplished this more than ever.

We’ve provided resources and training for prisoners and staff that is transforming individuals lives as well as the communities around them. And most excitedly for us, we currently have 60 prisoners and prison staff in Kenya and Uganda studying with the University of London. People like Peter, and Susan – Peter Ouko was the founding student of the APP Leadership Programme. He spent 18 years in prison, mostly on death row, where he studied the law and helped those around him, obtaining a Presidential Pardon for his release.

Susan, our first UoL degree graduate, played a role in getting her own death sentence overturned only a few months after starting her legal studies. She’s one of our best-performing students and since her release works with us, around the world, sharing her story for the benefit of others.

And yet, this is simply the beginning. The transformation of just one life reminds us why we do this work and demonstrates what is possible when we commit to change. The poverty and injustice that remains shows us that there is still so much more to be done. APP believes in the transformative potential of education in prison and the benefit to all when a life is transformed. As you read about the work of our team, in the UK and Africa, as well as the people we work with, we’d invite you to join us in this work as we empower people in prison to become agents of change.

Uploaded on: May 21, 2019
Year Published: 2017
Author: Alexander McLean

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Resource Type: Impact Evidence Issues: Criminal Justice Tool Type: Reports / Research Method: Research Languages: English Regions: Eastern Africa, Kenya, Uganda Nature of Impact: Change in institutional / government practice, Citizen Action & Participation, Legal Knowledge and Skills, Positive Impact, Sense of fair process