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Application of Convention 169 Casebook

This casebook compiles a selection of judicial decisions in which ILO convention No. 169 has been relied upon, from the inter-American human rights bodies and from ten countries in the region.

The case summaries are presented in a standardized manner, identifying the country, the court, the judgment, a summary of the facts giving rise to the case, the legal arguments presented, and the court’s decision (with emphasis on the role of ILO Convention No. 169 in the case). The case summaries also include a list of the legal provisions applied, and excerpts of particularly relevant paragraphs of the judgment. A final section comments on the importance of the case and the innovations that it introduces in relation to the application of ILO Convention No. 169. in some
cases, comments are made on the court’s interpretation of ILO Convention No. 169.

Where relevant, references are then made to the reports and comments of the ILO supervisory bodies dealing with issues similar to those raised in the court case. All the reports of the ILO supervisory bodies referred to may be consulted in the Applis and iloleX databases available on the ILO website at www.ilo.org/normes.

Uploaded on: Mar 13, 2012
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015

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