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Assessment of the Validity and Reliability of a Methodology for Measuring the Costs and Quality of Access to Justice

People use different mechanisms to solve their problems. Frequently the existing problems could be solved with legal means. If such is the case, people take on paths to justice with the intention to reach fair and just resolution of their problems. In this paper the authors discuss discuss a methodology for measuring the costs and quality of paths to justice. The authors begin with the premise that people use three indicators when reflecting on their experiences with justice: costs, quality of the procedure and quality of the outcome. In order to assess the validity and reliability of the methodology we collected perceptional information from users of two paths to justice. The first path is a municipal-level administrative review procedure in The Netherlands and the second is a judicial review procedure in the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria. 


Uploaded on: Mar 12, 2014
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015

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