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Caring for Survivors of Sexual Violence in Emergencies: Facilitator Manual

The ‘Caring for Survivors’ training manual provides information and skill development in various aspects related to communication and engagement with sexual violence survivors in conflict-affected countries or complex emergencies. It also focuses on medical treatment.

The training manual is designed for professional health care providers such as physicians, health workers as well as for members of the legal profession, police, women’s groups and other concerned community members, such as community workers, teachers and religious workers.

The manual is divided in two parts.

The first part is designed for all participants who deal with survivors of sexual violence in different sectors and contexts. The goal of these general and psychosocial modules (Module 0 to 8) is that all participants will understand the impact of sexual violence and know how to respond at different levels. They will be empowered to demonstrate, within their respective professional responsibilities, a survivor-centred attitude and use survivor-centred communication skills. They will as well be taught to ensure survivors protection (both physical and legal). Finally they will learn how they can care for themselves as they engage with survivors in conflict-affected settings.

The medical modules, for health-workers only, focus on the clinical management of rape survivors. Through the provision of information and skill development participants will develop the technical knowledge as well as communication skills in order to provide survivor-centred medical care after sexual violence in conflict-affected settings or complex emergencies.

Although the curriculum prioritizes the importance of the survivor’s treatment and recovery, it also recognizes the importance of evidence collection, particularly the testimony of the survivor and objective documentation.

The manual has been developed on the basis of international research and experiences, as well as tools and instruments prepared by other UN agencies and NGOs.

Uploaded on: Mar 20, 2012
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015

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