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By: International Accountability Project (IAP)

The Community Action Guide on What is Development? encourages communities to discover what development means for themselves, and to question whether proposed plans and activities truly fit within their definition of and priorities for development. This Guide seeks to support communities in claiming their right to development, and clearly identifies the obligation of governments and development finance institutions to facilitate the realization of communities’ aspirations for development.


This Guide includes:

  • Introduction to community-led development
  • Accessible information on claiming the right to development, consultation and free, prior, informed consent
  • Descriptions of current trends in development finance and their impact on communities
  • Stories from communities that have been affected and those that have used peoples plans to propose alternatives to unwanted development
  • Activities to support communities’ in defining development, assessing whether proposed projects and activities meet their definition of development… and more!

This resource is also available in English, Spanish and Russian.