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Country Report: Argentina

By: Pro Bono and the Legal Profession: Strengthening Access to Justice

In general, the legal profession as a subject matter is not studied or monitored consistently by any particular institution, although there are many non-governmental organizations that gather data in connection with low income citizen’s access to justice. There is no statistical data regarding the practice of law in the country specifically. Public information is very limited and is focused mainly on the City of Buenos Aires or certain major cities and, therefore, does not cover Argentina as a whole. Although over the past decade the number of non-governmental organizations devoted to the area of justice has grown, there is still a lack of communication and cooperation between the different entities that are part of the judicial system such as public and private universities, federal and provincial governments, NGOs, bar associations, private professional associations and law firms. This presentation gathers information from different public sources in an attempt to provide a general view of the legal profession’s status in Argentina.

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Uploaded on: Jul 14, 2016
Year Published: 2011
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