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Working with Customary Justice Systems: Post-Conflict and Fragile States

By: Erica Harper

This volume by the IDLO showcases research conducted under this program. It features chapters on initiatives implemented in Namibia, Rwanda, Somalia, United Republic of Tanzania, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Liberia and Uganda. The collection aims to assist readers develop a better understanding of the relationship between customary justice and the legal empowerment of individuals using such systems while identifying possible entry points for engaging with customary justice systems in other countries. A key lesson learned is that more effort and resources need to be invested in similar evaluative studies — geared towards a critical analysis of what went right or wrong, and why — at all times focusing on the key question of ‘how have justice outcomes changed’? Not only are the perspectives and experiences of poor and vulnerable populations important tools by which to guide effective interventions, but based on the results of such assessments, international agencies and donors may find better ways of supporting existing initiatives without compromising internal momentum for reform.

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Uploaded on: Jul 20, 2016
Year Published: 2011
Author: Erica Harper
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