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Energising the Criminal Justice System in Malawi: A Paralegal Aid Service

By: Adam Stapleton

This resource is produced by the Paralegal Advisory Service (PAS) in collaboration with Penal Reform International (PRI).  It is a short, readable and detailed introduction to paralegal work.  It explains what paralegals are, the work they do, the cornerstones of their method and their importance within the Malawian context.  Furthermore, the report contains an evaluation of PAS’ work to date, chronicling their achievements and their future aims and advocacy goals.  The partnerships PAS forms, as well as specific aspects of their work such as legal literacy also receive considerable attention in this document which also includes PAS’ Code of Conduct for paralegals working in prisons.

Though specific to Malawi, this document contains many observations and learning opportunities pertinent to paralegal experience and work around the world.