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Establishment of Community-Based Paralegals in Moldova

By: Nadejda Hriptievschi, Soros Foundation-Moldova, Human Rights and Governance Grants Program, Open Society Foundations, Budapest, Swedish Government

The paper analyses the role of community-based paralegals in Moldova based on experiences of a 2-year project that supported paralegals in 30 communities of Moldova, the relevant legal provisions regarding paralegals and the findings of a national study on legal needs in Moldova. The paper advocates for further support of community-based paralegals in Moldova and makes a series of recommendations for activities to lead to the establishment of a sustainable community-based paralegal network throughout Moldova.

The paper is intended primarily for the main national decision-makers in the field, namely the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family and the National Legal Aid Council, as well as for potential donors, national and international, interested in supporting paralegal services in Moldova.