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From Agreement to Action

By: Roisin Hinds

This report draws on an international literature review and on evidence from Save the Children’s work, with inputs from 12 countries. It aims to guide governments and other stakeholders as they develop their implementation plans. It identifies five areas of action – national plans, governance and institutions, realizing the commitment to leave no one behind, democratizing data, and improving accountability – and presents ten recommendations to deliver the 2030 Agenda. In order to build a more just and inclusive society in the future, we must learn lessons from the development frameworks of the past. Lessons are drawn from the Millennium Declaration and the world’s experience in implementing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). While the focus of this report is broad, it hones in on some of the core promises to children in the new agenda.

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Uploaded on: Jun 23, 2016
Last Updated: Jun 29, 2016
Year Published: 2016
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