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Gender Based Violence: Legal Protection and Advocacy

By: Oxfam GB

This is the Final Report of the project entitled “Violence Against Women: Legal Protection and Advocacy” funded by UNFPA. The report summarizes the overall progress throughout the project duration (May 2008 – 31st August 2009) with more emphasis on the reporting period from 1st May 2009 to August 31st 2009. The report reviews the progress made towards the implementation of the project’s Annual Work Plan.

Overall, the project was satisfactorily implemented and was able to achieve most of its objectives and targets. The project demonstrated a good tendency to address VAW through expanding the experience of LPA and formation of new units.

The project successfully revived and made functioning of 3 Yemeni Women Union (YWU) Legal Units in Ibb, Hajja & Al-Mahweet replicating the LPA model.

In particular, the objectives of the report are:

Overview of AWP implementation and Monitoring,

Key achievements

Project Management, Finance and monitoring,

Constraints encountered,

Conclusion and Steps Forward.

This holds great promise & hope for the women Victims of Violence across the country. The project success also holds great potential for future cooperation between UNFPA & OGB in the area protection for women and to end violence against them.