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Global Agreements, Grassroots Advocacy: Youth and Governance in a Post-2015 World

By: Restless Development, ActionAid, Plan International UK

The world now has the largest generation aged 15-24 in history, making up a quarter of the world’s population. Almost 90% of this age group live in developing countries yet just one in three countries consult young people with regards to plans for tackling poverty and development. The time for change is now. Read this toolkit to find out how you can make a difference to ensure the voices of young people are heard in the corridors of power across the world.

This toolkit is for you if you are:

• a young person or member of a youth organisation.

• passionate about having an honest and responsive government.

• of the belief that young people must be fairly represented and involved in making the decisions that affect them.

• keen to raise awareness of important issues in your local and national government, and connect with other young people promoting the same causes.