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Handbook for Measuring the Costs and Quality of Access to Justice

By: Martin Gramatikov, Maurits Barendrecht, Malini Laxminarayan, Jin Ho Verdonschot, Laura Klaming, Corry van Zeeland

In this Handbook you will find practical information on the use of a methodology for measuring the cost and quality of paths to justice from the perspective of users.

How do clients of justice systems like the way they can voice their needs and concerns? Do they feel they received sufficient information about the procedure? Do they think the outcome was fair and did it help to solve their problem? Do they think the procedure was value for money? How much time did they spend?

This methodology aims to provide answers to such questions so that citizens using the justice system can voice their needs and providers of justice services can improve their processes.

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Uploaded on: Sep 27, 2011
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015
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