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Helping Communities by Monitoring Infrastructure: A Case Study of the CCAGG in the Philippines

By: Luz Rimban

Since 1986 the Concerned Citizens of Abra for Good Government (CCAGG), a civil society organization in the Philippines, has engaged in monitoring and auditing public infrastructure projects. Because of its extensive experience, CCAGG had established a reputation as the go-to group for complaints on government infrastructure projects in the region. Although CCAGG’s core activity is participatory monitoring and auditing, it is also involved in community organizing; working with indigenous cultural communities; development programs; conducting research; and engaging in activities related to ecology, peace-building, and media outreach.

CCAGG has adopted an approach of constructive engagement, and at times critical collaboration, toward government. Its monitoring work has resulted in positive policy changes relating to procurement and audits.  This report contains a history of CCAGG, a summary of their monitoring work and its impact, as well as an evaluation of lessons learnt and future policy recommendations.