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Improving the Performance of the Criminal Justice System Through Improved Pretrial Justice: The Impact of Pretrial Detention on Access to Justice in Rwanda

By: The Legal Aid Forum - Rwanda

This 2013 report from the Legal Aid Forum – Rwanda conducts an assessment of the legal provisions governing pretrial detention in Rwanda, highlighting the most serious problems and failures of the system, and provides a set of recommendations designed to improve pretrial access to justice in Rwanda, reduce the cost of an expanding prison population, and eradicate excessive detention time.  The government of Rwanda recognizes the need to improve coordination and oversight within the prison system for the purpose of reducing backlog and increasing efficiency.  With the implementation of these recommendations, stemming from a critical analysis of the current de facto situation, vast improvements to the performance of the criminal justice system, especially with regards to pretrial detention, can be achieved.

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Uploaded on: Mar 31, 2014
Last Updated: Dec 08, 2015
Year Published: 2013
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