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Justice for All: The Problems and Possibilities of Legal Aid and Empowerment in Rural China

This report by the Public Interest and Development Law Institute (PIDLI) of Wuhan University in China summarizes experiences from a long-term project on legal aid and legal empowerment oriented towards rural China.

This English edition of the Chinese report, “Justice for All,” provides overseas readers with an introduction to, as aptly described in the subtitle, the problems and possibilities of legal aid and legal empowerment in rural China. The report was first published in Chinese in January 2010 by PIDLI at Wuhan University Law School. The report set out to inform policy makers in China of the importance of investing in rural legal aid. It was the culmination of a four year project, led by PIDLI, to address the challenges of promoting access to justice in the poorest rural counties of Hubei. Lessons learned from this populous central province were, argued PIDLI, relevant to the rest of rural China.

A brief table of contents of the report:


Executive Summary

Chapter One

1. Rural Justice in China

2. Analysis of Issues Facing Rural Justice in China

3. A New Perspective: Legal Empowerment

Chapter Two

4. Project Implementation and Assessment

5. The Project’s Difficulties and Challenges

Chapter Three

6. Development of Rural Legal Aid and Empowerment in China

7. Our Plans for the Future

8. Recommendations for China’s Rural Legal Aid Development Strategy


Uploaded on: Mar 11, 2015
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015
Year Published: 2010

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