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Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Kenya

By: HiiL Innovating Justice

In cooperation with the Kenyan judiciary  in 2017, HiiL Innovating Justice conducted a nationwide Justice Needs and Satisfaction survey in Kenya. The main objective of this study is to map out the demand and supply of justice services as the Kenyan people experience them. Using a bottom-up approach, we asked 6005 randomly selected individuals across Kenya whether they had experienced a legal problem and what they did about it. Most importantly, we asked the people to evaluate the costs and quality of their justice journeys. The users of justice told us that 63% of Kenyans had encountered one or more legal problems in the past four years. To resolve these problems, the people of Kenya use various formal and informal justice mechanisms.

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Uploaded on: Mar 12, 2018
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
Year Published: 2017
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