Legal Empowerment and the Land Rush: Three Struggles

By: Vivek Maru

This publication originally appeared in Harvard University Press: The International Rule of Law Movement – A Crisis of Legitimacy and the Way Forward.

Namati’s CEO, Vivek Maru, has written a chapter for a new book published by Harvard University Press entitled The International Rule of Law Movement – A Crisis of Legitimacy and the Way Forward. Vivek’s chapter is entitled Legal Empowerment and the Land Rush: Three Struggles.

The chapter describes, by way of stories from Mozambique, Sierra Leone and India,  three key moments in the interaction between land-based communities and industrial firms: proactive rights protection, negotiation, and post-facto enforcement.  It offers insights for how to scale up legal empowerment at each of those moments.

It appears here with the permission of the editor David Marshall and copyright is retained by the President and Fellows of Harvard University. It is not to be reproduced, sold or distributed for commercial gain.

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Uploaded on: Feb 10, 2015
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017
Year Published: 2014
Author: Vivek Maru
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