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Nagorik Uddyog Annual Report 2015

By: Nagorik Uddyog

Nagorik Uddyog (Citizen’s Initiative), as a nonprofit national development organization, has been working to promote fundamental human rights for excluded poor and underprivileged minorities since its establishment in 1995. Over the period, through its nature of works, NU has become a significant leading development actor in national and international level. As an active member of many national and international development forums and networks, NU involves in lobby and advocacy in order to promote human rights and good governance.

Currently, NU is working on three core programmes (Access to Justice, Dalit, Socially Excluded and Linguistic Minority Rights, and Child Rights) along with another three advocacy, networking, and campaign based programmes (Labour Rights, Right to Food, and Right to Information) in national level. This resource provides information on Nagorik Uddyog’s programmes along with case studies from these programmes.