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National Inquiry on the Rights of Customary Law-Abiding Communities Over Their Land in Forest Areas

By: The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM)

The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) chose to launch an inquiry into the issues of indigenous peoples related to their rights to their territories in the forest zone due to the following reasons: the problem is widespread across Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua, the issues are complex and multi-faceted, and recent laws and regulations are conducive to remediation and strengthening rights on behalf of indigenous peoples.

The National Inquiry into Indigenous Peoples’ Rights on their Territories in the Forest Zone is the first national inquiry held by the Commission, as set out in the Plenary Session of the Commission in April 2014. The National Inquiry is an attempt to contribute to the efforts to resolve violations of human rights. The National Inquiry combines four functions in one activity: investigation, research and study to analyse the roots of the problem and formulation of recommendations for resolution of human rights violations. The investigation was conducted by involving communities, witnesses, institutions, researchers, educators, and policy experts in a transparent framework of investigation into systematic patterns of human rights violations. The aim was to identify findings and recommendations.