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No Place Called Home: A Report on Urban Refugees in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

By: Christian Pangilinan

No Place Called Home is a groundbreaking report on urban refugees living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In Tanzania, most refugees are required to live in refugee camps where they are left dependent on humanitarian aid.

However, growing urbanization, the desire of refugees to be able to find livelihoods and fear of government authorities and UNHCR has led to refugees settling outside refugee camps. These “de facto” refugees lack legal recognition from the Government of Tanzania and can be vulnerable to exploitation.

Published in 2011, this report is based on a survey of 122 urban refugees in Dar es Salaam. Presenting the findings of the survey, No Place Called Home establishes the existence of an urban refugee population with genuine claims to refugee status and permits a better understanding of the needs of this population. It concludes with recommendations for the improved implementation of rights protection and social assistance for Dar es Salaam’s refugee population.

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Uploaded on: Sep 18, 2012
Last Updated: Dec 07, 2015
Author: Christian Pangilinan
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