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Palliative Care at Home for Young Children in Africa

The training and support package contains:

  1. A Guide for Home-based Care Workers: Groups of home-based care workers will be trained on the content of the guide and how to deliver the course. They will, in turn, use the guide to develop their own training sessions as well as in their own field work.
  2. A Training Manual for Home-based Care Workers: Home-based care workers trained as facilitators will use the training manual to train other groups of home-based care workers.
  3. Caregiver’s Toolkit: Once trained, home-based care workers will be able to provide caregivers at home with copies of the toolkit. The home-based care workers will use their own guide and training manual to make the caregivers familiar with the toolkit.
  4. Helpful Handouts: The handouts contain important information and they are provided to home-based care workers who can give them to families to keep when they visit them in their homes.
  5. Information for managers and administrators: This information sheet is useful for managers and administrators who work with home-based care workers to understand what the course is about and what one can learn from it.
  6. Evaluation of basic competencies: Managers and administrators can use this evaluation sheet to ensure that home-based care workers are fully competent in understanding the course.
  7. Training and support certificates: Home-based care workers and caregivers will receive course certificates to demonstrate the competencies gained in the various knowledge and skills areas included in this course.
Uploaded on: Mar 31, 2015
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015

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