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Paralegal Handbook (UGANET)


UGANET has developed paralegal handbook with various topics relating to the laws of Uganda as a resource for paralegals to refer to when training the community. The purpose is to equip paralegals with the sufficient basic knowledge of the law which is applicable in our country.

This hand book can be used for the various activities to be conducted in the community such as awareness raising on human rights, legal issues and HIV/AIDS in the community, provision of legal first aid services, community mobilization, local activism and advocacy among others.

The hand book contains a number of topics that have been addressed under the law by putting them in a summary form that is easy for any ordinary person to understand. The hand book contains topics on; marriage, separation and divorce, children’s rights and responsibilities, land and property rights, domestic violence and sexual offences.

The paralegal kit will serve as a guide for the paralegals in the performance of their duties. It will be used as a reference material to ease their work and equip them with the necessary information to be used to serve their communities in the future.

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Uploaded on: Jun 22, 2016
Last Updated: Jun 29, 2016
Year Published: 2015
Co-Authors: Barbrah Bisikwa, Immaculate Owomugisha
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