Namati's CEO and legal empowerment advocate Rhonda Hamilton were on CNN International's Amanpour to discuss environmental justice. Watch the interview here.

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Por Que É Importante a Carga Viral? (Why Is Viral Load Important?)

By: Namati , Mozambican Ministry of Health (Ministério da Saúde de Moçambique)

Este folheto informativo explica a importância da carga viral para pacientes vivendo com HIV, incluindo como manter uma carga viral baixa, quando e como o teste de carga viral deve ser feito e o que significam os resultados do teste.


This informational brochure explains the significance of viral load for HIV patients, including how to maintain a low viral load, when and how viral load testing should be done, and what the test results mean.

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Uploaded on: Sep 01, 2020
Last Updated: Sep 02, 2020
Year Published: 2020
Co-Authors: Ellie Feinglass, Nadja Gomes
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