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Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia

By: Dr. E Harper

There are three pertinent chapters in this report:

  1.  The Legal Research and Documentation Exercise – p. 18
  2. Gender Advocacy Project Through Legal Representation, Counseling and Support for Women in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam – p. 24
  3. Community Mediation and Legal Skills Training – p. 8
  4. Promoting the Awareness of Women’s Legal Rights Through Film – p.55

The Post-Tsunami Legal Assistance Initiative for Indonesia commenced operation in February 2006.  Over a period of 18 months, the Project Office successfully executed 6 projects. The following report provides a review of these projects as well as the Project Office’s general operation. It should be highlighted that this operation represented ‘new territory’ for IDLO. An organization which specialized in judicial training and technical assistance involved itself in the provision of legal rehabilitation assistance to the victims of a natural disaster. Such work was primarily directed at the grass-roots level, involving community education, customary legal systems and Aceh’s rapidly evolving Shari’a jurisdiction. Executing a highly successful operation opens the door to many new opportunities for IDLO. It also provides much scope for gleaning important lessons learned which can assist the organization improve the impact and effectiveness of its future operations.

IDLO developed a ‘results framework’ for each Project which summarised the relevant objective and defined the means through which progress toward that objective would be assessed. These tools were used to gather information either during projects’ implementation or following completion. Objectives and corresponding means of verification are explained in individual Project reports.  These tools include Interviews with Legal Key Stakeholders, Post-Project Participant Interviews and Legal Awareness Surveys.