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Project Effectiveness Reviews: Raising Her Voice Campaign: Liberia 2011-12

By: Gwendolyn Heaner

“Raising Poor and Marginalised Women Voices in Liberia‟ is a project that was developed as a part of the global project “Raising Her Voice (RHV)‟. This 17-country project aims at promoting rights and developing the capacity of grassroots women to engage effectively in governance.

Much of the programming was oriented around grassroots advocacy through workshops and production of sensitisation materials. The campaign rationale can ultimately be refined as developing advocacy and sensitisation campaigns designed to “reach as many women as possible with the message inside the AU protocol”. Thus, the working theory of change is that women‟s private and public lives will improve through increased public awareness and advocacy that teaches as many people as possible the existence of women‟s rights as proscribed in the AU protocol.

The methodology used for this assessment is known as „process tracing‟, a type of qualitative research that is designed to systematically measure the specific ways a particular cause produced (or contributed to producing) a particular effect.