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Refugee Rights Toolkit

By: Asylum Access

The Refugee Rights Toolkit contains practical, gender-sensitive advice on advocating for refugees’ human rights through

1. Legal aid
2. Community legal empowerment
3. Policy advocacy
4. Strategic litigation.

The advice, tools and resources it contains are based on 10 years of best practices from Asylum Access’ operations in Ecuador, Panama, Malaysia, Thailand, Tanzania and the US, as well as on lessons learned by the wider refugee rights movement.

There is also advice on organisational start-up and management, from ethical service delivery, to communications strategies and fundraising.

Whilst much of the focus is on refugee rights, the techniques and tools are adaptable to other types of human rights work too.

Sample topics:

– Women’s rights workshop facilitation techniques
– Interviewing technique
– Writing good grant applications
– How to work with children, detainees, LGBTI individuals, and other vulnerable groups
– Legal services management
– Legal writing techniques
– Accompaniment
– Working with interpreters

and so much more!

Please create your own login and password on the homepage, and feel free to contact [email protected] for further information.